T2F partners participate in European rail research project In2Rail (video)

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The ‚ā¨18M In2Rail project held its final conference in Vienna on 19th April. All four Track to the Future partners contributed to the joint research and reports in the Smart Infrastructure¬†sub-project. Smart Infrastructure focuses on:

  • Intelligent reliable infrastructure: integrated asset monitoring, self diagnostic and adjusting assets, efficient design and new materials, exploring mechatronic solutions, with an increased focus on data from low-cost, low-maintenance sensors;
  • Better system resilience and a reduced need for maintenance through innovative infrastructure design, novel working methods and smarter use of data leading to reduced LCC and greatly improved availability;
  • Overall reduction in carbon emissions, noise and vibration, and improved levels of sustainability.

Follow these links for videos describing the project:

3 minute video with captions

10 minute video with captions

3 minute video without captions

10 minute video without captions

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